Right now my TBR pile is reaching astronomical levels, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are so many books coming out in the next few months that I am extremely excited about and will be picking up on Day 1!

Down below I’ve listed seven of the books that are yet to be released this year that I am most excited for, but they’re not in any particular order (other than #1, which is most definitely my most anticipated release this year! Can you guess what it is before you get there??)

Now, here we go…

WickedWillRise7) THE WICKED WILL RISE by Danielle Paige

This is the upcoming sequel to last years DOROTHY MUST DIE which was a massively entertaining re-imagining of the world created by L. Frank Baum, where Amy Gumm finds herself landing in a very dark and broken Oz. In the novel we learn that Dorothy found a way to return, and has seized full power over the land, and the only way that Amy (‘the other girl from Kansas’) can save the place is to remove the Tin Woodman’s heart, steal the Scarecrow’s brain, take the Lion’s courage, and then.. Dorothy must die!

I really really really love re-tellings/re-imaginings of The Wizard of Oz, and devoured the first book in this series! THE WICKED WILL RISE comes out at the end of March and I can’t even deal with how excited I am.

StarWars6) STAR WARS by Alex Bracken

Most people who know me know that my absolute favourite book series at the moment is THE DARKEST MINDS by Alex Bracken, and they also know that growing up I was a massive Star Wars nerd. So when I heard last year that Alex Bracken was going to be writing a new novel based on the original Star Wars movie, I genuinely couldn’t cope with it and irritated my friends for days by constantly talking about it. From what I know, the novel is going to be more of a Middle Grade novel than Young Adult, and it’s illustrated by Iain McCaig!

I’m also super excited for this novel because I’m well aware that Alex is a massive Star Wars fan and has been pretty much her whole life, so if I trust anyone to write a faithful and entertaining version of Star Wars, it has to be her!

TheLastStar5) THE LAST STAR by Rick Yancey

By now, if you’re in the YA bookisphere, I’m going to be really surprised if you don’t know about THE 5TH WAVE. THE LAST STAR is the third and final book in the series, and as excited as I am for the book to come out, I’m really sad to see the series come to an end! In the books, Cassie Sullivan is surviving in an extremely post-apocalyptic world, a world which has fallen to a race of aliens known as ‘The Others’, who have wiped out most of the human race through four catastrophic waves.

By the end of the second book (I won’t go into details about it for those who haven’t read either of the first two books yet!) things are looking fairly bleak for Cassie, Evan, Zombie, Ringer, and Sammy, so I can’t wait for this conclusion to come out to find out what happens to the group, and to finally figure out some of the secrets and unanswered questions.

PillarsOfPonderay4) THE PILLARS OF PONDERAY by Lindsay Cummings

A few weeks ago I read and reviewed the first book of the Balance Keepers series by Lindsay Cummings, THE FIRES OF CALDERON, and you know that I absolutely adored it. So how could I possibly not have the sequel on this list?! In the series, Albert Flynn has learned that he is known as a Balance Keeper, and has special abilities which he uses to help fix magical problems in the underground world known as the Core. Along with his fellow Balance Keepers, Leroy and Birdie, Albert has had to overcome massive-scale problems in the first book, and looks to overcome a few more in the rest of the series.

The first book is definitely one of my favourite reads in years, so waiting for this book to come out is going to be a drag, but I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end.

ExtraordinaryMeans3) EXTRAORDINARY MEANS by Robyn Schneider

This is the only contemporary book I have on this list, and for good reason. Back in 2013 Robyn Schneider released THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING, which quickly became pretty much my favourite contemporary of all time. It’s been a long wait for another book from Robyn, but later this year she’ll be releasing EXTRAORDINARY MEANS, a book about two teens with life-threatening diseases who meet at Latham House, ‘a sanatorium for teens suffering from an incurable strain of tuberculosis’.

Robyn’s writing is honestly such a joy to read, and I’m just so excited for this book to come out this summer. I’ve read a few reviews of it so far (most of which comment on the fact that the similarities between this and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS end at illness-struck teens) and they all seem generally positive, so any doubts I could possibly have for this book are quickly slipping away.

portfolio_forgedCover2) FORGED by Erin Bowman

Okay, you guys know that I love the TAKEN series so far. FORGED, as I’ve spoke about so many times, is the conclusion to this series, and I’m just not ready for it to end yet, but I have to read this book! I don’t want to say too much because this is the kind of awesome twisty-plot series that you really should read and I don’t want to ruin it for you, but Gray is in a pretty bleak situation pretty much 100% of the time in this series, and as he fights back against an evil dictator he has to constantly question who is an ally and who is a foe.

TAKEN is one of my favourite series right now, and the build-up to this conclusion has been done so well throughout the first two books. If you haven’t read these books yet, you really have to before FORGED comes out, because if you are even remotely interested in the same kind of books as me, this series will blow you away.


Okay. This doesn’t come out until September. But I. Cannot. Wait. That. Long.

This series. This series. Oh my god, this series. You know about the THRONE OF GLASS series, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ve read it. Celaena Sardothien is the most bad-ass assassin ever to live in the world of Erilea, and she’s been through so much in the three books (and five novellas) for which we’ve known her. From Rifthold–the capital of Adarlan–to Wendlyn–home of the Queen of the Fae–she’s continued to grow and adapt, learn and accept. But she’s still the same assassin we know and love from the first page of THRONE OF GLASS. At the end of HEIR OF FIRE, she’s accepted her life as [SUPER SPOILER ALERT FOR ANYONE WHO HASN’T READ THE FIRST THREE BOOKS YET COMING UP IN 3… 2… 1…] Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Heir (of Fire) to the Throne (of Glass) of Terrasen, rightful wearer of the Crown (of Midnight), and Queen (of Shadows)*. At the conclusion of HEIR OF FIRE, she’s on her way back to Rifthold to cause some serious damage, and I am so so so SO ready for it! [AND THE SPOILERS ARE OVER NOW]

Basically, this book is going to rule over all other books and it’s going to cause me so much joy to read but so much pain to finish because then I’m going to have to wait until September 2016 for Book #5.

* I’m so sorry, that was the cheesiest things I’ve ever done, but in the moment I had to.


So that’s my list! Are you excited for these books as much as I am, or are there any other books you’re really excited for that I haven’t put on this list? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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