Top 5 Authors I Haven’t Read

A few days ago I saw that Christine from polandbananasBOOKS on YouTube posted a video about the top ten authors that she still hasn’t read yet. It made me think about the authors that I haven’t read yet, and looking at my bookshelf made me really realise that I have so many unread authors staring at me while I sleep, quietly trying to reach out and get me to read them. So, in response to Christine’s video, here are my top five authors that I currently have books by sitting on my bookshelf that are patiently waiting to be read!

5 – Beth Revis

I’Beth Revisve had the Across the Universe trilogy sitting on my shelf for over a year now, and I’m really interested in reading them because I can’t remember the last time I actually read a sci-fi series, to the point where I don’t actually know if I ever have. Even more than that, I have a special limited signed edition of THE BODY ELECTRIC by Beth Revis in all of its green and white and gold glory perched at the edge of a shelf. AND I HAVEN’T READ IT YET. I really need to get onto these books before a dystopian government takes over and bans books.

4 – Holly Black

Holly BlacOkay, I currently only own two Holly Black books–THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN, and her co-authored with Cassandra Clare MAGESTERIUM: The Iron Trial)–but she’s an author that I’ve been meaning to get to for literally years. All of her books sound fascinating, and I’ve heard nothing but the highest praise for the books that she seemingly never stops churning out.

3 – Ransom Riggs

Ransom RiggsEveryone loves Ransom Riggs. Everyone. Literally everyone. Like if you were to line up every single person on the planet, tell them about Ransom Riggs, and asked if they loved him, they’d say they did. And everyone who’s read his books raves about his books. So why then do I have MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN and HOLLOW CITY on my bookshelf UNREAD?! I have no idea. From watching his short documentary videos on YouTube I can tell that Ransom has an unmatched way with words, and that he is an unbelievable storyteller. It’s been over a year with these books too, and I’ve still not picked them up, even though I really really want to! (Plus, his wife, fellow YA author Tahereh Mafi, is just awesome too!)

2 – Terry Pratchett

Terry PratchettI’ve known of Terry Pratchett since around the time I started to know what books were, but I’ve never been completely inclined to read any of his books, despite knowing that I’ll enjoy them. I’ve heard from so many of my bookish friends that the Discworld books are some of their favourites of all time, and were a massive part of their childhoods. I feel like not having read them, I’m missing out on something hugely important and sentimental.

1 – Brandon Sanderson

Brandon SandersonBRANDON SANDERSON. Brandon SandersonBrandon Sanderson. Every day, the Mistborn trilogy stares at me. They croon to me when I try to sleep. And every day I tell myself, ‘You know, I think I’ll start reading those Mistborn books today.’ But I never do. That’s all about to change though, because I took THE FINAL EMPIRE off of the shelf, sat it beside my bed, found a bookmark for it, and is going to be the next book I read. Rumour tells me that Brandon Sanderson is one of the best and most important epic/heroic fantasy writers since Tolkein, and given how long it’s been since I read a true epic fantasy, I can’t wait to read some of his books. And when I do I can finally take Sanderson off of my list of Never Read Authors, and instead move him onto my I’m Never Going To Be Able To Read All Of This Authors Books Because They Keep Writing Like A Thousand Books A Year And They Are All Five Thousand Pages Long Can You Please Stop And Let Me Catch Up list. Yes, that one. Plus, Brandon Sanderson just seems like the coolest guy. I’ve watched a bunch of his Creative Writing lectures on YouTube and he’s fascinating to watch.

And that’s my list! Is there anyone on here that you’re disappointed in me for not reading? Let me know!MichaelSig


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