In the Dark, Dark Night

Happy Spooky Day!

itddnI’ve never been all that great at Halloween. I never really understood the fascination with celebrating it, and to be honest, I grew out of dressing up and going trick-or-treating when I was really young.

But this year I decided to do…something to try to get myself in a Halloween-y zone. And so, for the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a short story. It may be a novelette. I don’t even know. But I wanted to write a scary story, so I did. (Really it might not actually be that scary. I just kind of threw in a few things that scare me, and hoped that they might scare you too. Who knows.)

If you want to read it, great! You can! It’s not really anything special. It’s very roughly polished, and I had to get it out really quickly in order to meet my self-imposed deadline of Halloween. I’ve gone over it to edit it a little, but please excuse any typos or little grammar mistakes!



(Read on Wattpad too!)

It’s a story which means nothing. It has no secrets. It has no hidden meaning. It has no subliminal messages — other than, perhaps, to make sure you securely lock your house. It’s a story which, in many ways, exists only for the sake of existing. I also wanted to try and keep just about everything vague. So you’ll probably have a lot of questions by the end; where is it set? What age are Sophie and Pete? Who exactly is Rosie? And so many more. What I wanted to do was make it so that, despite me having answers to all of these questions, your answers are as valid as mine.

To me, it’s more interesting that way.


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